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Allergic Pets?

Updated: May 26

ALLERGIC PETS! We all know one, have one, love one and know just how frustrating figuring out what they are allergic to can be!

Don’t fear! Bastian is here!

Bastian has a keen interest in dermatology and performs skin allergy testing for many of our patients. Allergies are often difficult because they are multifactorial, which means there can be many contributing causes.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL (airborne)



  • FOOD

Skin testing is performed to help diagnose allergies and determine specifically what your pet is allergic to in a painless and stress free way. This is done in order to build an individualised desensitizing vaccine. Immunotherapy and desensitization is considered the best treatment approach for airborne (environmental) allergic disease, and is often used in combination with other controls and medications.

If you want more answers when it comes to your dogs allergies, book in with one of our experienced small animal vets today!


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