Hendra Virus 2020 Alert

Please be vigilant this winter Please, vaccinate your horses for Hendra virus. Protect your horse, yourself, your loved ones and your community with just a once yearly vaccination (after the initial course).

While Hendra virus is possible at all times of the year. We have received information from expert groups advising that this season presents a higher risk. And as a testament to this we have received news last night of the first Hendra positive case for the year. An UNVACCINATED horse in NSW. The BatOneHealth group have advised that winter 2020 may represent a higher risk for Hendra spillover into horse populations. Similar climate patterns were seen in the lead up to winter 2011 and 2017, which were years that saw significant numbers of equine cases. Hunter LLS has urged veterinarians and horse owners to be aware of the risk, and consider vaccination in order to protect their horses and themselves. Media release available here. Additionally, a team of researchers from Adelaide have found a 43% seropositivity rate for Hendra virus in Grey-headed flying foxes in Adelaide. This suggests that horse owners and vets in southern states should also consider vaccination against Hendra virus. Please contact us if you would like to receive the paper on this issue.

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