Free Endocrine Assessment for Ponies 5-10 years! Volunteers required.

Free Endocrine Assessment for Ponies 5-10 years

University of QLD and University of Minnesota Research Study

Calling all pony owners! Samford Vets have been contacted by the University of QLD to assist with an important research project being run both here in QLD and in the USA. The project team at UQ is working with the University of Minnesota on a genetic test for metabolic syndrome and in the prevalence and comparison of peripheral insulin resistance and the enteroinsular axis in ponies of Shetland, Welsh and Australian pony.

Any ponies 5-10y are eligible for free testing and assessment.This includes ponies already diagnosed with endocrine disease. UQ will be collecting information from all interested owners and organising a single time period to come to the Samford area to coordinate testing for all interested.

Due to the legal requirements of the the research ethics guidelines, all ponies MUST be hendra vaccinated to be able to participate.

Please see the attached advertised and contact UQ directly.

Feel free to repost this message to any equine sites in QLD that might be relevant

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